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Learn the Correct Essay Paragraph Structure

Effective Paragraphs…

– Include a clear TOPIC SENTENCE.

When a paragraph has no TOPIC SENTENCE, it is much harder for the writer to keep it focused and on topic. It also makes it harder for the reader to follow the ideas.

– Stick to a SINGLE MAIN IDEA without getting sidetracked.

– Include SPECIFIC examples, statistics, facts, or quotes that fully support the main idea.

– Have details that are ORGANIZED in a way that makes sense.

– Include TRANSITION words, phrases, or sentences to improve the flow of ideas.

Essay Revision Activity Instructions

This activity would be most effective if students first study the Annotated Examples included in this unit.

The assignment is differentiated for three different levels of students:

Level I: Struggling Writers
Level II: Nearly Proficient Writers
Level III: Advanced Writers

Students should work on the paragraph revision on their own. On the Level II and Level III versions, students can continue their revision on the backside of the paper if they need. When finished, they should be grouped with other students who worked on the same level. Encourage the students to share and discuss their answers with the group.

Level I: There are clear correct answers to this version. During the discussion period, students should talk about their answers (perhaps with guidance) and discuss WHY each underlined sentence was a problem and WHY the correct revision suggestion would be most effective.

1 – a
2 – b
3 – b
4 – c

Level II: In this version, there are specific problems students should catch, but how they revise the problems may differ. One possible effective revision would be the paragraph found in Level III of this activity. During the discussion period, students should make sure they all caught the problems in the paragraph. Then they should evaluate the effectiveness of different possible revisions.

Level III: In this version, students begin with a paragraph that is already effective. It has no problems, but it is very formulaic in its structure. During the discussion period, students should share their alternate versions of the paragraph. Some revisions may not have improved the paragraph at all. Students should be encouraged to discuss and evaluate the effectiveness of their attempts at making the paragraph more original.

Essay Paragraph Structure

D Emerging Grading. Does Not Meet Expectations.

* The paragraph does not have a recognizable topic sentence.

* Some details are off-topic and should be deleted.

* Supporting details are not organized in any logical way and seem random.

* The paragraph may cover two separate topics that should be split into two different paragraphs.

* No transitions are used.

C Developing Grading. Approaches Expectations.

* A topic sentence is present but is not strong.

* Most details are on-topic.

* Supporting details are not specific enough, and the evidence given may not be sufficient to fully support the topic.

* The organization is occasionally difficult to follow.

* Simple transitions are occasionally used.

B Proficient Grading. Meets Expectations.

*The paragraph has a topic sentence that clearly states the main idea.

* Specific examples, statistics, facts, or quotes support the topic.

* Details are organized in a way that makes sense.

* No irrelevant details detract from the main idea.

* Simple transitions make the flow of ideas easy to follow.

A Advanced Grading. Exceeds Expectation.

In addition to PROFICIENT…

* The paragraph successfully goes beyond the standard format to be unique and engaging.

* The organization of details is subtle but still easy to follow.

* Logical, insightful connections are made between ideas.

* Transitions are more sophisticated and blend in with the writing.


Fantastic Isaac Asimov’s Foundation novel

The book spans a period of roughly 80 years. It has several major events that occur and the author jumps from the events in order within the storyline with just enough prelude to each event to fill in a generalization of what led up to it. It allowed the action to flow pretty smoothly. Even with the gaps in between the crises, you are not left wondering what occurred during that period.

There wasn’t a lot of character background or buildup as the story focuses mainly on the growth and progress of the Foundation itself. It felt that the characters are ‘bit’ players, with just enough about them divulged to allow you to have a general idea of the type of personality he or she had.

The story felt complete and it ended with the suggestion that this was only the beginning of the Foundation’s journey. It was hard to put down, even though it was the third time reading it.


The novel is about the creation of the ‘Foundation’ and the storyline did focus on the Foundation, and the characters were only described enough to show what part they had in its growth.

The book is well written, probably due to the fact that it was edited by a professional english essay writing service.

The book was sectioned off into distinct periods of development and prior to each portion, there is a citation from the ‘Encyclopedia Galactica’ describing the primary character or situation of that section as a background. The details are left out, but the quote enhances each part, allowing it to read smoothly.

The quotes mentioned above come from the Encyclopedia ‘Galactica’, the original purpose of the Foundation was to write the Encyclopedia, but during the novel, it is said that the Encyclopedia was not important or needed. But, by seeing the quotes, it makes you believe there is something more to it.

The author uses morals very well, in that he uses dialogue between characters to present the moral as it applied in the storyline. For example, when the Foundation was faced with an impending destructive crisis, the moral, “…violence is the last refuge of the incompetent”, was presented in several ways.


One of the things that were missed was whether or not the Encyclopedia writers continued working on it after it was made clear that its creation was simply a ruse to protect Hari Seldon’s original stuff. Even though each major section of the book begins with an excerpt, you are left wondering how, who, when did it get done, or even if it was completely finished.

Not being able to put yourself in the place of any of the characters throughout the book made it seem as though the reader was an outside observer to whatever happened during any part of the story, or sub-parts of the main theme. It didn’t feel personal.

The second book in the original Foundation Trilogy: Foundation and Empire by Isaac Asimov

Title: Foundation and Empire

Author: Isaac Asimov

Publish Date: 1991

Publisher: Doubleday Publishing

Type: Novel

Genre: Science Fiction

Sub-Genre: Advanced Weapons, Space Travel, Spacecraft, Atomic Power, Alien Worlds, Mutants, ESP, Armed Conflict

Plot Summary:

The Foundation had a purpose. It could not fail according to the laws of Psychohistory that were perfected by the late, great, Hari Seldon.

The plan was for the Foundation to grow and become the bases for a new Galactic Empire, raised from the ashes of a dying Empire in only a thousand years. The plan was based on how the masses of people would react together when certain events occurred, and it was based on the psychology of those masses remaining constant.

But now, a threat has come into the galaxy. A threat that can affect the masses on a huge scale and the threat is defeating kingdom after kingdom… planet after planet. Now, the Foundation itself is poised to fall to that same threat.

The plan seems to have failed and the people that have believed in the strength of the plan for the rise of the Foundation to become the next Empire, have had everything they believed torn away by this strong and deliberate onslaught.

The Foundation must fall…


The Foundation was established over two hundred years ago in the periphery of the galaxy on a planet called Terminus. Isolated from the dying Empire at the core of the Milky Way Galaxy, it thrived and grew powerful, basically left alone by the Emperor.

Now word has reached the Imperial Palace of this powerful Foundation, and a strong, well-liked general of the Navy has set his sights on it. With his ships, he heads out to the edge of the galaxy to put this threat down and subjugate the upstarts.

But, with all of this going on, there is another, more dangerous threat to the Foundation growing and festering on a small planet near Kalgan.

This menace is merely a variable in the Great Plan developed by Hari Seldon using Psychohistory back in the days before the Foundation was established. The plan charted events based on the psychological reactions of billions of people to whatever occurs in the galaxy. It cannot chart individuals.

It also cannot chart things that affect how those billions of people react to particular events in their minds. It charts based on how they reacted in the past – in history.

This new hidden threat comes to light in a big way, and has the Foundation and its followers directly in its sights. And as world after world falls, the threat becomes more real each day, until the Foundation is attacked.

The Foundation may not survive…


Picking up this novel and reading it was like reading the next chapter in the previous book in the series. The transition between them is seamless and handled the same as the transitions between major time passages. Enough references to previous events to lend a streamlined main theme for the entire series up to this novel.

The use of ‘excerpts’ from the ‘Encyclopedia Galactica’ gives the impression to the reader that there is a basis in fact to what they are about to read. This was very effective and helped draw me into the story.

Book Review: Foundation by Isaac Asimov

Title: Foundation

Author: Isaac Asimov

Publish Date: 1991

Publisher: Bantam Books

Type: Novel

Genre: Science Fiction

Sub-Genre: Technology, Alt. Societies

Plot Summary:

Hari Seldon was the founder of the Foundation, placed in the periphery of a twelve thousand year old Galactic Empire that was slowly deteriorating. Bounded by kingdoms that are set on dominating the area, the newly formed Foundation must find a way to protect itself against being taken over by any of the nearby forces.

Hari set up the Foundation to help rebuild mankind after the Empire’s fall, by saving knowledge and preserving it in an encyclopedia. That meant no warriors, only scientists, leaving them without a way to defend themselves from Barbarism.

But Hari had a plan. He discovered and refined a new science based on mass psychology, and on historic trends called Psychohistory. With it, he could almost ‘see’ into the future and predict events to come many years away. With this new science, Hari found a way to rebuild civilization after the Empire is gone. That is, if the Foundation survives.


Hari Seldon was a mathematician on his home planet and discovered a way that could predict general trends that a mass of people would follow in the future. He called it ‘Psychohistory’. Many years later, he was considered a threat by the Empire, so he maneuvered his way to having his entire staff moved out of harm’s way, to a planet named Terminus, at the edge of the galaxy.

He had his staff working on an Encyclopedia to record all of the knowledge accumulated by mankind up to that point, and when the suspicions of the Empire began investigating of his actions, he was able to use the Encyclopedia as his cover. But they didn’t trust Hari or his staff, all 100,000 of them, so the Empire put them as far away as they possibly could, Terminus.

Hari predicted a series of crises that would befall the Foundation and kept his predictions hidden from them by ensuring that there were no members with psychology or mathematics training. For them to be able to figure out his predictions would damage his plan by introducing new variables.

The Foundation sits on a planet, devoid of heavy metals, forcing them to rely on others for imports and growth. With no means to build up weapons of defense, as the aggressive neighbors begin to look at Terminus as a new addition to their own possessions, the Foundationers must ward off the attacks with various methods from a ‘balance of power’ to religion.

But the ‘religion’ was no true religion; it was the force of nuclear power!


This book was originally the first of the Author’s “Foundation Series’ and as such, it gives enough details to allow you to understand the reasons for the creation of the Foundation in the first place.

Matador Series: The 97th Step book review


Taking the life of a character from childhood through old age can be a daunting task in just a short 290 pages, but the author did manage to capture Ferret’s life to where you remember the events that he went through, many in vivid detail.

The presentation of these events, treated as a kind of “flashback chapter” is somewhat disconcerting at times, and could have been handled a little more smoothly in the transitions between them.

There are many encounters between all the characters and the author chose to describe them without much detail allowing you to fill in the blanks and it was more effective and smooth than what other authors have done.

The overall story, if you take it that way, was good and if there is a sequel, it would be a worthwhile read. These were definitely some elements that the author could have improved upon such as location and surroundings development, but with so few pages, perhaps there wasn’t enough room.

If you get an opportunity, take a look at this novel. It is worth your time.


The character development by the author is colorfully done with significant attention given to the physical appearance and background of the major players in the novel.

All of the romantic and physical encounters between the characters are portrayed tactfully and obliquely, and leaves you with the understanding that there has been an involvement between them.

The story flow is even and consistent allowing the readers to follow the action easily and not get lost in frivolous side stories.


The author jumps around in the storyline quite a bit, which normally isn’t that big of an issue. But, when the story spans over 45 years, it gets a little confusing at times, but to be fair, only for a moment until you get oriented to whichever point in the timeline you have been taken to.

The novel has four distinct time frames for the main character. Him at sixteen, running away from an abusive father, five years later with a close friend, ten years after that when he’s with a beautiful woman and partner named Stoll, and then 5 to 25 years later where he becomes a trainee, then active member of a religious faction.

The author jumps around from later timelines seemingly to explain Ferret’s current actions from what occurred in his past. It did help with understanding the events, but the initial jump sometimes felt like a different story was beginning.

There were many errors in editing where words were left out of sentences, which causes you to stop reading to determine what is meant.

At first, it seemed like it was done to give Ferret some local color, but then it started happening in the narrative too. From an otherwise okay novel, the editing was disappointing. Fortunately, we didn’t encounter any spelling errors…