Essay Paragraph Structure

D Emerging Grading. Does Not Meet Expectations.

* The paragraph does not have a recognizable topic sentence.

* Some details are off-topic and should be deleted.

* Supporting details are not organized in any logical way and seem random.

* The paragraph may cover two separate topics that should be split into two different paragraphs.

* No transitions are used.

C Developing Grading. Approaches Expectations.

* A topic sentence is present but is not strong.

* Most details are on-topic.

* Supporting details are not specific enough, and the evidence given may not be sufficient to fully support the topic.

* The organization is occasionally difficult to follow.

* Simple transitions are occasionally used.

B Proficient Grading. Meets Expectations.

*The paragraph has a topic sentence that clearly states the main idea.

* Specific examples, statistics, facts, or quotes support the topic.

* Details are organized in a way that makes sense.

* No irrelevant details detract from the main idea.

* Simple transitions make the flow of ideas easy to follow.

A Advanced Grading. Exceeds Expectation.

In addition to PROFICIENT…

* The paragraph successfully goes beyond the standard format to be unique and engaging.

* The organization of details is subtle but still easy to follow.

* Logical, insightful connections are made between ideas.

* Transitions are more sophisticated and blend in with the writing.