Motivation for Your Goals

To help motivate you toward your goal measure your desire on a scale of one to ten so what do I mean by all this when I said well first I have a scale and picture a little scale a little chart and it’s even in the reaching start of a workbook you can make your own one and then two three four all the way to ten and when I set a goal I measure my desire for it so one is it would be nice ten is I want this so badly I can’t stand it so what you want to do is think about the goal may be that many of you wrote for this year maybe for the rest of you don’t have a goal think of maybe just some little thing that you’d like to accomplish or get done in the next few months.¬†Articles about goals and accomplishments on¬†Edusson.

How strong is your desire on a scale of one to ten now if your desire or a 5 or a 4 or a 3 I would say that you might want to put that goal on the backburner and come up with a different goal that is a six seven eight nine ten would be awesome the reason being is it will be easier for you to stay on course to stay on track to work through the hurdles to achieve your goal and then you’re going to be really happy you’re gonna feel satisfied you’re gonna be encouraged you will set more goals but if your desire isn’t that strong I’m not saying give up that goal I’m just saying put it on the backburner think of a goal that really where you have a stronger desire on that scale of one to ten and then that’s gonna really help motivate you and I’m sure you all do have some type of goal you might not realize it’s a goal maybe something for you is you want to take a great family vacation this year.

I have a goal that buy-in next February one of my goals personally I would love to take my kids and my grandchildren on a week cruise and my desire is a 10 it’s off the charts in fact it’s past the 10 so knowing that I’m gonna start to work out and use these worksheets and start to detail how am I going to accomplish that that’s a pretty big investment to take my family on a cruise but it’s something I really want to do and it’s important to me and in a little while we will talk about the different goals that you set in your personal and your professional life and the strategies I’m sharing with you today apply to any sort of goal personal professional financial health goals big goals little goals it doesn’t matter what I’m teaching you is a process I’m teaching you a way of thinking I’m teaching you the tools that people who achieve goals use.