Why You Should Practice Prewriting

Just like the analogy with putting the furniture together same thing with writing if you got yourself a nice plan then you’re able to put the whole thing together quite easily and finally this is the thing that I try to train students is that once you’re finished writing you’re really hot you want to have your teacher go back and look at what you did you yourself want to look at what you did after you’ve written the first word on your paper you want to go back and read it this is the way that you pick up your mistakes this is the way that you follow that you do your editing that you look that you look at the logic of it and that you can revise it or you can make it better alright so let’s practice prewriting alright so for a brainstorm right you could start to put your senses your senses or your ideas or your subjects down on the paper the day I learned a valuable lesson my mistake that taught me something valuable.

And as I write these down those of you in the discussion box you know take one of these topics and talk about it with the people out there right these are all great topics that you can write about the day I graduated helping my sister with our school project a picnic with my family so once you get all these list of topics down you’re not going to write about all of them but you’re going to want to choose the best one for you my friend and I caught that big fish and then choose your topic which one do you want to write about which one do you have the most to say about so in this case my mistake that taught me something valuable and we go back to that example that I just gave you from Mongolia right a mistake that he thought that after six months that he would be able to wrestle and compete in a presentation in a wrestling match that he would be successful even though he had only been wrestling for six months all right so what is this free right all about so when I when I have students pretty right.

I tell them okay take out a clean sheet of paper and write pretty right at the top and don’t worry about what’s on there so I give them about 10 minutes or so and if I see after 10 minutes if they’re still writing a lot that I just let him go and I’ll ask you out in the discussion box there um maybe they’re different parts or places where you could use a free ride to the lesson where could use rewrite you could use a free right in any lesson in the beginning the middle and the i’m just getting ideas down there right then don’t worry about this actual formatting right you’re just getting your ideas down on paper you just write write write write write write keep writing this non-stop and you know you want to emphasize to the students that can be grading this this is just a chance for them to get all of their important ideas.